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Know the Power of Brand Storytelling and Create Trust

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Brand Storytelling

Brand Storytelling is a powerful way to bring life to brand. Stories are not just limited to cinemas and television, but now it is the important tool to build your brand and create trust with compelling stories.


An authentic brand storytelling actually improves trust, of the audience. Story telling is all the trending, and slowly brands are enjoying the power of stories to transform their presence and identity globally.

Some well known brands such as Nike and Coca cola have realized the power of their brand long back, and used it as a tool to build a strong connection with their audience.

Companies like Titan possess brand stories that are legendary in their status.

So…..thinking ….

What’s in a story and how it create feeling of trust in customers??

How Stories Create Trust

Stories are the strong tool in human communication. And that’s the reason stories are so popular among brand, business and individuals.

 According to studies, the human brain reacts to the descriptive power of words in deeply affecting ways, inducing both the sensory and motor cortex. Story reading is just like feel an experience and coordinate our minds with the Hero ie subject of the story.

In other terms Scientists call it neural coupling.

Here in the process of neural coupling, a narrator and listener share a story that allows their brands to interact in a positive and action oriented way. It’s a activity were comes in mind of two people at once,touching the same areas of brain during the process of storytelling. 

Successful neural coupling results greater awareness, understanding, anticipation, and interest.

The overall result of awareness, understanding, anticipation, and interest is trust

Thus through telling a story and connecting with the reader, a writer can actually generate trust in the reader.

Stories produces trust, but not all stories. Your story should involved right features – that produce successful neural coupling, also  You must tell a story that has the right features — features that produce successful neural coupling, plus those shows quality  features.


The beautiful thing about story is that it exist.Real stories keep on going and connecting with readers.So,keep your story live and updating to impress your customers and give them the best background about your brand.