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Know the Power of Brand Storytelling and Create Trust

Brand Story Telling Content writing
Brand Storytelling

Brand Storytelling is a powerful way to bring life to brand. Stories are not just limited to cinemas and television, but now it is the important tool to build your brand and create trust with compelling stories.


An authentic brand storytelling actually improves trust, of the audience. Story telling is all the trending, and slowly brands are enjoying the power of stories to transform their presence and identity globally.

Some well known brands such as Nike and Coca cola have realized the power of their brand long back, and used it as a tool to build a strong connection with their audience.

Companies like Titan possess brand stories that are legendary in their status.

So…..thinking ….

What’s in a story and how it create feeling of trust in customers??

How Stories Create Trust

Stories are the strong tool in human communication. And that’s the reason stories are so popular among brand, business and individuals.

 According to studies, the human brain reacts to the descriptive power of words in deeply affecting ways, inducing both the sensory and motor cortex. Story reading is just like feel an experience and coordinate our minds with the Hero ie subject of the story.

In other terms Scientists call it neural coupling.

Here in the process of neural coupling, a narrator and listener share a story that allows their brands to interact in a positive and action oriented way. It’s a activity were comes in mind of two people at once,touching the same areas of brain during the process of storytelling. 

Successful neural coupling results greater awareness, understanding, anticipation, and interest.

The overall result of awareness, understanding, anticipation, and interest is trust

Thus through telling a story and connecting with the reader, a writer can actually generate trust in the reader.

Stories produces trust, but not all stories. Your story should involved right features – that produce successful neural coupling, also  You must tell a story that has the right features — features that produce successful neural coupling, plus those shows quality  features.


The beautiful thing about story is that it exist.Real stories keep on going and connecting with readers.So,keep your story live and updating to impress your customers and give them the best background about your brand.

Write Right Search Words and Increase Your Website Traffic for Free

Write Right Search Words to Increase Your Website Traffic for free
Write Right Search Words

Do you know, just by writing the right words in your web content or blog post, helps to increase your website traffic !

Surprise!!!! let see how….

Many content writers and bloggers make this common mistake while writing the web content or blogs, just to impress audience we try to use hard to read difficult English words and jargon in content, but the reality is searcher will type simple English text to explore any information or answer looking for in search engine.

Now the question is ….

How will you find the right words or phrase that people search for??

There are many tools available to find out the right Keywords that the people used while search. By using these tools you will get an idea of general terms or words used by audiences to search for particular information and product or services.

 Best Free Keywords Research Tools for Content Writing

Just by blending the right keywords in your web content will surely drive more organic search traffic to your website.


With my experience, readers like to read content with simple words or phrases and at the same time, more informative, interesting and relevant. So, just follow this simple tip – Write Right Search Words and Increase Your Website Traffic for Free. If you want to explore and learn more about Web Content and Blog Writing I’ll be happy to help you!

Need to Rewrite Website Content

Rewrite Website Content
Yes, you need to rewrite your website content.

Well, rewriting your website is much easy and simple than you think.The rewards are considerable. Getting rid of boring & confusing text can improve your branding, increase in page views and readers satisfaction.


Firstly, look at your website from the perspective of your target audience. Are your website visitors potential employees, student, potential customers or someone else? Why they are visiting your website? Can they easily find what they are looking for – act on it?

Here, you may find that you need to reorganise your site.

  • 1)    Cover up important content on top, Don’t just hide content deep within the menu.

  • 2)    Each page should contain a call to action button – like contact form, telephone number, add to cart button – this will give user chance to respond.


Recognize how you are different. For this, you need to review a survey asking your website visitors what they appreciate most about your website. Also, you’d be surprised to know how many businesses fail to communicate their best points.

Moreover, your website just doesn’t display what you offer – it says’ more what you’re like as a company.

Be true. Are you professional, technical, informal, formal, artistic or something else?  With that you want your tone and style to reflect what you are like.

Continuing with there are mistakes to be avoided, like grammar and spelling mistake can ruin the effect of a professional website.


Each page of your website should’ve got a specific purpose. Hence, every sentence should be more clear, and remove anything unnecessary. While it’s always better to write website page from scratch.

  1. 4. Use of Right Keywords

Finally, an important aspect of website content is well research keywords. Use of right keywords in the website content will surely help visitors to reach your page easily and serve its purpose.

Keywords are common words that visitors type or write in the search engine, and if your website contains similar words or sentence they will be redirected to your site.

 At times, we are so familiar with our website that we can’t see those problems. In that case, ask someone who can give you honest feedback.

And listen and consider it.

You’ll surprise that rewriting your website with clarity will make a huge difference to your business objectives and visitors ratio.

If you have any questions, or just looking for to rewriting your website content, feel free to contact us. We’ll be happy to help and guide you in the right direction.

Learn How to Write Startup About Us Page

Want to learn how to write Startup About Us page? Never fear, help is here! from Professional writer and trainer.

Do you know that the About Us page is the second most visited page on your website. The Home Page is no 1. Moreover, the content of About Us page is really important in build your credibility. Also, people do business with those whom they trust, like and know. However, if buyer is looking for any product or service, and they land on your website, most of time they wanted to know something about you and your  business so that they can trust you before they click on BUY icon.

In this blog, you will learn writing Your startup About Us page. Firstly, should tell your story and build relationship with your audience. Moreover, it must be written with the readers in mind. Also, most business owners are great at what they do, but at same time it’s quite challenging from an outsider’s perspective. With that, I like to tell my clients that the About Us page isn’t just about them, it’s about the mutual partnership between them and their customer.

Who Are Your Customers?

Firstly, before writing you need to be clear idea, who is your customer. It is a great idea to setup Customer Personas each of which describes a type of customer. The profile includes their wants, needs, likes, – their demographics – sex, age, education, where they live, their job, their income levels, interest, hobbies, etc. It’s good idea to give each one a name and even use a photo on their profile, so that you can identify with this “person”. So, when you’re writing your marketing marketing and website content , you must keep this target person in mind and write to meet their needs.

What makes your startup About Us page Unique than other About Us pages?

For some people writing a startup About Us page is little challenging and they find themselves wondering where to start. Firstly, all you need to do is, take our a notepad or document on your pc and start noting down points you may want to make. – Just think about your reader – what they will want to know about your business? Moreover, consider telling people you’re new. It’s not disadvantage being new- but it can be fresh and exciting.

Secondly, nobody wants to read dull and boring company history as your About Us Page, and being a startup you can write all fresh and relevant information for readers.

Tell Your Story

Write about your profile,  introduce yourself as the owner of the business, let people know what you do, what you love, why you love what you do, why you’re are so passionate about your industry and work you’re in.

Also make sure to details your experience and credentials, with relevant information that will help people get to know, trust and like you. Incase you’re associate in any volunteer activity or charity work, include if it’s related to your audience too. Moreover, using a friendly tone is a good way to engage your reader.  Using a friendly and approachable tone is a good way to engage your reader.

Include A Photo

Including a photo on your About Us Page is really important as it will help in building the trust factor with prospective client. As most people are interested to see who is behind the business. If possible hire a professional photographer to capture your best shots.

Tell them why you are Unique

Put more importance on your mission, vision and value and what you’ve plan out to achieve. What innovation your product or services offer? Can you offer  more flexibility in delivery and best quality than your competitors?

Tell your customers what you will do for them

People will visit your site only if you give solution to their problem. ie

What products or services do you offer?

How your services will solve your customer’s problem?

 It’s telling them exactly what you will do for them.

Boost Your Credibility

Boost your credibility through the use of case studies, testimonial, positive reviews by clients.  A positive comment from happy customer further endorses your credibility.

Concluding with 

Hope these tips will be helpful and assist you in writing an amazing startup About Us page. If you have any more tips to share, please leave your comments below. Or if you need any professional content writer for writing your About Us Page, check out my writing services and email or call me to discuss your requirement.

Hi, I’m Rachana Pandya Professional  Website Content Writer and Trainer, I love to write content dedicated to attracting and engaging your customers. I happily work with clients all around Surat India.